Have you ever had a hot flash? Do you know what a hot flash is? For the guys, you really don’t experience hot flashes unless you have been medically castrated or something to that effect.

What a hot flash is like you’re walking along and all of a sudden you’re in a 200 degree dome. You take another couple of steps you’re down to 40 degrees. You take another couple of steps you’re back at 200 degrees. How well can you function? Not very well. Most people become basket cases.

Think about it. 50 hot flashes a day for about 5 to 10 years, how would you handle it? Not good. Guys I’m talking about this because you need to be sensitive to what’s happening to our women. The minute you understand what’s happening to them, it’s easier for you to help them or at least be supportive. It’s easier for you to get together, it’s easier for you to live together.

Night sweats are the same thing. Except it’s when you lay down, because the blood is shunted into different places all of a sudden the whole body becomes profusely hot and you start wetting the bed. Not because you urinated on the bed but we have children that come to us and say mommy was in bed and all of a sudden I felt as if she wet the bed.

Well, let’s say I took one of you put you here. I took one of your children and put them in the other room. Then I put a heavy weight on your foot that you could not get off. It would hurt like hell. What are you going to do? You’re going to scream for your child and he doesn’t come to help. How’s the next call going to be? Louder, stronger, more forceful. You’re going to give it everything you have. Well, that’s what’s happening.

Think about a person that’s on Valium for a long period of time and now we take them off of it. Think they’re going to sleep? Nope. Think they’re going to become insomniacs? Yep. Not enough progesterone or Vitamin D.

Think of the Pac Man game. We have two cells, two different types of cells inside the bone. One is called an osteoclast, it eats up bone. The other is called osteoblast, it actually makes more bone. The osteoclast that eats up bone is slowed down when you have the right amount of estrogen. The osteoblast that makes more bone is sped up when you have the right amount of progesterone. So progesterone is actually helping you increase bone.

We have great drugs out there for people who have osteoporosis. Fosamax, Actonel, Miacalcin all of them increase bone density 4-6% over 24-36 month period. It’s not bad. You’re slowly dropping bone, but all of a sudden you’re increasing 4-6%. That’s not a bad deal. But when you get the hormones right, you can increase bone density by 18-22% over the same amount of time. Naturally with those hormones that make bone.

Low sex drive is a big problem. Oprah had a show 3 to 4 million woman in this country don’t want to have sex anymore while they’re still married to their husbands. Why? Testosterone deficiency. In essence what happens is the fat cells are making estrogen. They just don’t magically make estrogen. What they do is they take the testosterone and they change it to estrogen. That’s why as the testosterone level starts to drop, so does the libido start to drop.

This is a big one. Young people, when you have a young person turns 15, you give them a driver’s license. A driver’s license allows them to drive. Conventional wisdom says that if you have irregular menstruation the doctors will now give you a birth control pill. What do we give our children when we give them a birth control pill? A driver’s license allows them to drive. So a birth control pill gives the consent to do what? Don’t do that.

All girls, if they have irregular menstruation, or when they do have irregular menstruation, often it’s because of the food we consume. The fast food, the junk food and everything else we eat is heading you down that road.

When they have a problem, they should be tested and they should be supplemented with natural hormones, we should replace what is no longer there because of what we did as a society or what we did as parents in raising them.

I told my wife, it’s our fault. We have to be able to sit there and say no to birth control pill, let’s give them whatever it is necessary for them to grow up naturally.

Most of the time, it is simply the lack progesterone that leads to irregular menstruation cycles.

A patient walks into the pharmacy with classic symptoms of poly cystic ovary disease. She had broad shoulders, a distended gut, a full beard that she had to shave twice a day and was at a loss of how to proceed. Her testosterone was very high and needed to increase her female sex hormones.

After getting her hormones in balance and three months of therapy, I witnessed a new person walk thru the door.

She was there to pick up her prescription. She was at the front counter when I walked out from the back room. Immediately her eyes flooded with tears. She said she couldn’t thank us enough and how she tells everyone about us. Seventy percent of the hair on her face had fallen off, her shoulders had narrowed, her distended gut had reduced greatly and she had started to regain her womanly features.

All anti-aging protocol says that if you want to mess around with a person’s hormones and you want to make them feel better you want to bring their hormones up to the top 1 /3 of the normal range. So the more we bring back the hormones to the top-1/3 of normal—the higher probability that these people will have their bodies rebuilt in a younger fashion.

In a typical perimenopausal person, her estrogen, progesterone and testosterone all drop. Now the fat cells take over the job to make more estrogen. So where do we go? We go up higher in estrogen, not into the normal ranges, just so that now it dominates over the progesterone. So we have a scenario, which we call the dominating scenario, where estrogen is dominating over the progesterone and you still don’t have enough estrogen. So you have estrogen overdose effects without having even enough estrogen. Headaches and still having hot flashes. Estrogen effects without having enough estrogen.

So here you have a person that is going to be very irritable and not much sleep. Then what happens as this estrogen continues to go up, the testosterone goes down, down, down, down, down. What we’re saying is, we know what’s missing, you’re telling us the symptoms, and we’re going to give you that hormone. Once the symptom is alleviated, we’ve reached a mark. If it hasn’t been alleviated we’ll keep giving you more until we reach that mark. First we balance to the right ratio. Then we worry about increasing you to the right level.

Everybody’s different. Look around you. If I said to you today I’m going to give you four sizes of shoes a one, a four, an eight and a fourteen. Who’s going to be happy here? Probably nobody. You go back to the doctor and the doctor says, we gave you this hormone, and you say, but doctor I still don’t feel like myself. Well here’s some Prozac. One, two punch. Here’s the horses urine, it doesn’t work for you, here’s the Prozac. One or the other is going to have to help you. It’s true. That’s what is happening across the country right now.

How much can hormones affect a person’s mood? I remember one day a woman came in and asked for her prescription saying she had been off of everything for weeks. She went to the front counter. She picked up a snickers bar and got frustrated because she could not open it.

BAM! She threw it at me and hit me right in the face. I quietly picked it up, peeled it like a banana and gave it back to her. She left crying. Her husband came in later and picked up her prescriptions. Days later she came back and apologized.

How much does this affect the partner’s life? The pharmacy closes at 6:00 p.m. It was Friday and at that time we were closed the weekends. A man came in at five minutes to six with an empty bottle of his wife’s custom hormone capsules. I looked at the record and said to him that she was early. She should have enough at home. He exclaimed that she usually transfers a weeks’ worth to her purse but he was in a panic he said. I cannot go through the weekend without them. I’ll give you $200.00 to stay late and make them. That’s how much of a difference it was making in their lives.

What is perimenopause?

  • Hormones begin to be out of balance
  • Irregular cycles, emotional and mood changes
  • Ovaries begin to stop producing eggs
  • Can last up to 10 years

Perimenopause can last up to ten years. Hormones begin to be out of balance. Your regular cycle, emotional, mood changes, ovaries begin to stop producing eggs.

So you go to the doctor. The doctor says we have a drug called Premarin to balance out your hormones. It comes from pregnant mare’s urine. It says so right in the name . . . PREgnant- MARes’-urINe . . . PRE-MAR-IN . . . Premarin.

Don’t believe me, crush the tablet, put it in warm water put off to the side, go visit it in three days. It’ll smell like a latrine. That’s what we’re giving our mothers. That’s what we’re giving our wives and sisters. They are synthetics. If you’re supplementing with synthetics your chances of cancer are higher.

When women’s hormone levels start to drop as in perimenopause, the body’s defense mechanism is to allow fat cells to convert testosterone to estrogen. The ovary was making estrogen and the corresponding balanced amount of progesterone because of the extra estrogen. The pt will become estrogen dominant with estrogen dominant symptoms and yet not have enough estrogen. For example, let’s say that the normal level for progesterone and estrogen is 100 for both figuratively speaking and in deficiency the patient makes 50 and 50.

Now the fat cells kick in and increase the estrogen to 75 and the progesterone stays 50. Eating soy will fool the body into thinking that it has 125 of estrogen and the liver will remove 25 to bring it into the level of 100. But what it really did was to bring the body’s own estrogen back down to 50 and balance of with the progesterone. The overall effect of keeping the estrogen at a much lower level is that the body will decrease the formation of secondary female characteristics such as smaller breasts will be seen. Over a long period of time (3 years) and the benefits of against osteoporosis and the other degenerative diseases will be lost.

What Is Menopause?

  • Ovaries stop producing eggs
  • Levels of estrogen, progesterone and testosterone fluctuate
  • No menstrual period for 12 months What are the symptoms and causes?
  • Hot flashes = Low estrogen
  • Memory loss = Low estrogen and low progesterone
  • Night sweats = Low estrogen
  • Mood swings = Low progesterone
  • Vaginal dryness = Low estrogen, low progesterone and low testosterone
  • Sleeplessness = Low progesterone
  • Painful Intercourse = Low testosterone

These are just some of the symptoms, but you don’t have to live this way!

Guys, think about this . . . not enough estrogen, not enough testosterone, the wall of the vagina becomes very thin. As it becomes thin, it allows blood vessels to move to the forefront. As that happens, there’s a higher degree of UTI-urinary tract infections and intercourse becomes painful. The truth is if intercourse is painful, nobody, with the exception of the masochists, would want to have intercourse. Nobody would! So you have to be sensitive.

When we’re talking about progesterone and I’ll get my wife involved in this one. She’s a constant case study for me. I have a constant way of being able to adjust her. I’m going to throw you three little stories that happened with her because I think it will really exemplify the reality of this.

We we’re moving a big couch. As we were moving this big couch she goes, “Ouch . . . oooh my period came.” I say, “Why? What’s the matter? Isn’t it supposed to come?” “Yea . . .” “Are you late or anything?” “No . . .” “So what’s the problem?” “I didn’t get any cramping. I didn’t get any bloating. I didn’t get any headaches.”

I tell her, “I hate to tell you this, you’re on the hormones now, and you’re not supposed to get cramping, bloating and headaches. You never were supposed to get it.” She says “But if those don’t happen, how are you going to know your period is coming so you don’t have an accident?”

It’s funny because I remember one time she says to me, I’m sitting there watching television, there I am with my remote, typical testosterone male. Ladies as soon as you have more testosterone, you start manipulating the remote. Just to let you know. So here I am clicking the thing. She comes by and says isn’t it hot in here? The thermostat is on the wall, I can see it and it says 70 degrees.

I said, “Well hun you’ve been running after the kids, put on the air conditioner.” About 20 minutes goes by and here she comes, “Isn’t it cold in here?” I go, look at the thermostat its 70 degrees. “Well honey put on the heat.” After a while I sat down with her and I said, “Hun it’s not hot or cold in . . .” here pointing to the room, “but it’s hot or cold in here,” pointing at her.

The more you understand about hormones when you’re younger the better it’ll be. If I had my choice I would ask everybody, when they’re feeling their best, to take all the tests, see where all your hormones are and then when you don’t feel well, 10, 20, 30 years from now revisit those tests. Whatever’s missing put it back. Because that’s what’s gone. That is what makes sense. But nobody does it.

I’ll give you another one. Anybody here ever have a chocolate craving? Sweet craving. When men have chocolate craving or sweets craving it’s usually due to low magnesium. If we give you magnesium, within 20 minutes of taking a capsule, your chocolate craving is gone.

When women have a chocolate craving it’s a life or death situation.

I was hoping you ladies would laugh. But you know it’s true. Do you want to know why if s true? If I said to you we have a person in front of us and they’re going into diabetic shock—too much insulin. Is that a life or death situation? Do you want to know why it’s true? If I said to you we have a person in front of us is going into diabetic shock, what’s happening with that person?

Their blood sugar is going down and it could send them into a coma. When estrogen is dominant, perimenopausal, remember dominant doesn’t have to be high just higher than the progesterone the yeast in your body starts to flourish. When the yeast in your body starts to flourish the yeast sucks out the sugar from the blood. As it sucks out the sugar from the blood, what happens to the sugar in the blood? It plummets.

So your brain says, “I’m dying, I need sugar.” Just as if you were a diabetic patient, when estrogen is dominant, your mind changes it to, “I want a double-dutch chocolate sundae.” Now for the guys out here, how many women have had that double-dutch chocolate sundae and the minute they finish with the double-dutch chocolate sundae say, “How could you have let me eat this?” One day, before we adjusted her, my wife walked into the kitchen and said, “Leave me alone. My period is coming and I’m going to open the five pound Hershey bar.” So I said to her, “Calm down” . . . what’s the message? Ooh the Hershey bar. I saw in her eyes that if I didn’t get out of the way I was going to get hurt. So I said hold it.

You know I talk about this let me prove it to you. I took 100 milligrams of progesterone, it is in a cream, and I put it on her body. I took a teaspoon of sugar and I said let that dissolve under your tongue. Ten minutes, just sit there. If in 10 minutes if you still want it, I’ll give you the Hershey bar. I’m sitting there guarding it in the kitchen. I’m sitting in the kitchen, every once in while I look out and she’s sitting there, nice and quite watching TV.

About 10 minutes pass—nothing. She doesn’t come in and ask for it. Fifteen, 20 minutes pass. Finally I pick up the Hershey bar and I go over to her. I say, “Honey do you want it?” She says “Oh please, I couldn’t even look at that.” I said, BAM, I’ve got something. Once you’ve finished that double-dutch chocolate sundae or whatever sugar may be around, you have 2,000 calories sitting in your gut, only 100 calories went into the blood stream and saturated the craving. Eventually those 2,000 calories will deposit somewhere. Then you’ll be real angry about it. Women have more willpower then men until their hormones are out of balance, then they are at their mercy. We did a little study ourselves.

We took women in their 40s and we found that 95% of them have low or below normal estrogen readings. 86% of them had low progesterone or had low normal progesterone. So here we are. We go into the 50s and what do we find? 80% had low estrogen readings and 94 of them had low progesterone readings.

What’s happening? If that little cell, that egg cell, is responsible for making the estrogen and the progesterone, it would follow suit that in their 40s that if 95 percent of them had low estrogen readings and 86 percent of them had low normal progesterone readings, and the progesterone went down even further in their 50s, you think the estrogen would go down too. But it doesn’t. Why? Because the fat cells start making more estrogen. Do you see what’s happening? That’s the proof of the pudding. That’s why we know that the fat cells are making more estrogen.

BHRT, One Size Does Not Fit All – By Rudy Dragone, R.PH.

The benefits of natural hormone replacement therapy for women and men are simply staggering.

Among typical symptoms Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy, (BHRT) has had excellent results to:

  • Relieve symptoms of PMS including bloating, cramping and irritability
  • Relieve migraine headaches
  • Promote healthy bones
  • Restore a healthy sex drive
  • Decrease fatigue
  • Relieve depression
  • Relieve migraine headaches

Other benefits include:

  • Topical creams avoid kidney and liver
  • Bioidentical (human-identical) hormones are exactly like the hormones produced naturally by our body
  • Bioidentical hormones are made from vegetable sources like the Mexican yam
  • The hormones are custom formulated by a compounding pharmacist

Many people are treatment for hormonal imbalance problems with either synthetic hormones like Premarin or Herbal Remedies. There are however several troubling issues with these treatment plans.

Synthetic Hormones

  • Increase the risk of cancer
  • Contain estrogens and progestins that are foreign to the body
  • Some use chemicals and pregnant mare’s urine, as a base
  • Can cause undue weight gain, skin allergies and other side effects

Herbal Remedies

  • No testing available determine individual needs
  • No cardiac or osteoporosis protection
  • Hit-or-miss on hormone levels needed
  • No follow-up consultation to assess results

FlashX, Ridaflash, Dongquai, Evening Primrose all of these things, are advertised as being helpful for menopause. They are good as Band-Aids. They help reduce the hot flashes in the short term.

But, what you want to do is you want to replace the right estrogen to get your body back into balance. Help osteoporosis. That’s the whole thing. We all can think of a time when we ourselves felt more energetic, more like the people that we always thought we would always be. Then all of a sudden for whatever reason, as age comes on, we start losing that little by little.

Balanced natural bioidentical hormones are essential to health and wellbeing. There are millions of people that don’t know about this, they are learning, little by little. Many doctors either don’t know or have been misinformed about the benefits and proper use of bioidentical hormones. That’s why I spend so much time trying to make healthcare professionals understand. They don’t teach this in most medical schools. Many doctors tell us “I wish they taught me this in medical school. We should be taught conventional and natural naturopathic ways.”

When it comes to hormones, test—don’t guess. Don’t go into the store and say I need DHEA because I have fibromyalgia and buy the DHEA off the shelf. Don’t buy the progesterone that’s over the counter. Why? Because if you overdose yourself with the progesterone you will push other hormones down. We have something that’s called hormonal tension. Something that’s called hormonal load. These are words I’ve made up because they are not in the dictionary. I’ll explain to you what these mean.

Hormonal tension means that if I give you a certain hormone, I will suppress a corresponding hormone. We have a patient that has polycystic ovary disease. She’s a woman that looks like a male truck driver stereotype. What you would call a bearded lady. Full beard. She comes in, we give her a certain amount of estrogen, a certain amount of progesterone, at a certain level, we push down her testosterone. We push down her DHEA which were at astronomical levels. Higher than what a man would have. Guess what happens? The hair on the face falls off. The hips start to increase. The gut shrinks. The breasts start to come out. She becomes more womanly. Why? 90 percent of your body is rebuilt over a three year period. It is constantly being rebuilt. With the right hormone therapy you can get rid of bad hormones.

Guess what happens? The body starts to replace itself in the right way. That’s hormonal tension. Hormone affecting the levels of other hormones. Let’s say you had a body with only 4 hormones. Hormonal load is the certain amount of hormones total the body will allow in it. When you push it beyond that level, it starts getting rid of them. It tells the liver to start getting rid of them. So let’s say I went to the health food store and bought DHEA. I took my DHEA and I took the wrong dose and it went real high. Since this one is so high, the body starts cutting them down and cutting them down, and cutting them down. What happens to three of them? They’re non-existent. What happens to the thing that had to be rebuilt by those three. They’re not going to be built in the right fashion. So, doing it on your own is a big no no. You need to be tested, you need to be listened to by a professional that knows what the symptoms are and slowly tweak. It’s pretty much like taking a square peg and trying to put it in the round hole. You shave a little here, you shave a little there and you keep shaving at it until you fit it in.

Think about it. When you went for a wedding dress or for the guys, if you’ve gone for a custom made suit. My father was a tailor. You’d go once, twice, three times for a fitting until it gets right. Because you need it for your body.

The same goes for hormone replacement therapy; one size does not fit all. Everyone should have their own customized dosage plan to fit their own personal health needs.

You deserve the right medication formulated specifically for your body and your symptoms. Visit your doctor or one of our affiliated healthcare providers and get tested. Call or email me directly if you have any questions or concerns.

I am here to help you. Rudy Dragone, R.PH.

The four principle sex hormones are both similar and different for men and woman.

  • Hormones in Men: Testosterone, DHEA, DHT and Estradiol
  • Hormones in Women: Estradiol, Progesterone, DHEA and Testosterone

We test for 4 major hormones for men and for women. Testosterone, DHEA, DHT, estradiol in men. Estradiol, progesterone, DHEA, testosterone for women.

Now, is the testosterone that we have here in men different then the testosterone that we have for women? No.

Are all these same hormones that are in men, the same as the hormones found in women? Yes. All of these that are found in women, are they found in men? Yes. So if these hormones are the architects that make up your body and you have the same hormones in male and female, why is it that we are different? Ratios!

The ratios are what make the difference. If you look to the man and you

said “Wow! What a hunk!” you are actually saying “What a perfectly balanced ratio of hormones!” Well maybe not in so many words but let me explain.

The Statue of David, I always like to make that an example. You look at the statue of David and he is perfect. Perfect musculature, everything is perfect, perfect symmetry. If that statue of David had hormones and we check them, we’d find that his testosterone to estrogen ratio is 40 to 1.

Subsequently, we look at a beautiful woman with great skin, with great breasts, with good curves on her. Her estrogen to testosterone ratio would be the opposite. So it’s not about what you have, but it’s what you have in ratio to what else is on board. Is that confusing anybody? Let me try to simplify it.

Let’s say you had a bus. In this bus we had 25 seats on the right and 25 seats on the left. On the right we had everybody wearing white shirts. On the left we had everybody wearing black shirts. As long as the number between them was 1 to 1, the white shirts and the black shirts were equal, the bus continues to go straight. IF someone in the white shirts get off, then all of a sudden because of the heavier amount of people on the left side of the bus, the bus would start to veer to the left. The more of the white shirts that get off, the more you veer to the left. Does that make sense? This is what is happening with hormones.

Now let’s put it into perspective. A woman starts to make certain hormones and when she starts her menstrual cycle. What we call the sex hormones: estrogen, progesterone. When she is young and she’s making these hormones, she makes a ton of them. So what happens to her breasts? From flat chested, all of a sudden her breasts start to come out. Why? Estrogen. Estrogen is supporting the function that tells the DNA in the breast tissue to start to develop. To start getting ready to be able conceive and subsequently to lactate. Then, after a certain amount of years of constantly making estrogen, what happens? The tissue itself starts to become less dense and they start to sag.

We have so many people that come in and they say, well that’s gravity. It’s not gravity. It has nothing to do with gravity. If the estrogen is there to support the tissue, the tissue will be dense.

When the estrogen is not there, the tissue becomes atrophied compared to when you were younger, all of a sudden the tissue is less dense and they start to deflate.

It’s the same thing with skin. Skin starts to sag. Men have it also. Men start to sag.

Also, men start to develop breasts as we get older.

A twenty-two year old man came into the company one day. Visibly he was very distress and exclaimed, “I don’t know if you can help me but if you can’t help me I don’t know what I’m going to do.” He’d been to five doctors and no one could help him.

I took him under my wing and I tried to help him as much as I could because he really looked in bad shape. We checked his hormones and we found that his testosterone was 725. Now, the optimum levels for testosterone at the time were from 800 to 1,100 in men from the age 25 to 60 but the medically established level was from 230, (65 year olds) to 1,000 (25 year olds).

By the way, who do you think has got the 1,100? 25 year olds. Who do you think has the 800? The 40 year olds. I tell you this so you can start thinking in that vein.

Well he was 725, which is not really not that much lower than 800. So it doesn’t encourage us to supplement with more testosterone. The real problem was that his estradiol, which is the strongest of all estrogens, estradiol was at 100. So it was a 7.25 to 1 ratio, instead of 40 to 1.

We checked his nutritional value and we found that he was very low in zinc. Zinc and raising his zinc levels, guess what happened? His testosterone went up, not very much, up to about 800. His estradiol went down to about 25. 800 to 25, which is a 40 to 1 ratio. All of a sudden his breasts start to atrophy and disappear.

Three months later he came again, into the company, and we talked. He said to me, “Do you remember when I told you I don’t know what I’m going to do if you can’t help me?” I said I did, and he continued, “I was contemplating suicide at the time. I didn’t know it then but the estrogen that’s in my body was getting me very, very depressed. The depression had me falling into almost suicidal tendencies.”

I say to everybody, take a look at yourself right now. Put yourself in that mans place. 22 years old, you have breasts. Probably handsome at 17. So you can’t take off your t-shirt, you can’t play basketball with your friends, you can’t go into a pool, you can’t do anything . . . that’s when depression sets in . . . I’m happy to say it was $2.98 a bottle of zinc that changed this guys life. Ultimately the zinc altered the hormones. It stopped the conversion of testosterone to estradiol. That gives you a little idea of what we’re about.

It is not just replacing hormones. It is all about bringing your body into a natural hormonal balance. Once your hormones are balanced it is a lot easier to bring the rest of your life both physically

and emotionally into balance.

We’re not so much about continuously supplementing if you don’t need it. What we want to do is we want to modulate the hormones. There are hormones in your body that are being changed right now. They’re being changed by drinking coffee or soda, caffeine and sugar. Eventually these kinds of things exhaust the adrenal glands which produce hormones to help regulate energy. These are things that we are doing to ourselves and we don’t know it.

I hope you’re as excited as I am because I’ve changed my whole life based on what I have researched, practiced and shared about hormones. I feel that I have been able to help thousands of people.

Don’t take our word as gospel on hormones. There are a lot of books, videos and resources on the internet to learn more about the role hormones play in our health and wellness. Be cautious though as you gather information. As I have mentioned, there is plenty of contradictory information about the synthetics vs. natural hormones generated by companies that have a vested interest in keeping physicians off track on the benefits on natural hormones and prescribing their brand of synthesized treatment.

Most doctors don’t know about the stuff that I’m talking to you about. I spend half my time talking to patients and the other half consulting and educating doctors on this stuff. Really, we’re learning from patients because the patients keep giving us more and more feedback. This is a very, very new science. You’ll see it is very important.

Hormones affect millions of women in a more dramatic way during menopause and perimenopause.

What is perimenopause?

Perimenopause can last up to 10 years before she goes into menopause. So the person you married 20 years ago is not the person you’re going to be living with for those 10 years. It is not going to be perfect. Believe me.

Do you want to know the real truth about it? Here is what happens to a person that has a lot of estrogen and low progesterone. They are irritable. As a woman gets older the follicles will start making a certain amount of estrogen and it makes the corresponding amount of progesterone. So when you’re younger it makes a high amount of estrogen, a high amount of progesterone.

As you get older, unenthusiastic volunteers, you get less estrogen and less progesterone. But now all of a sudden the fat cells start taking over the job and making more estrogen compared to progesterone.

So now, we make more estrogen. Where’s the balancing part of the progesterone. Who’s making that? Nobody. So you become irritable, you can’t sleep at night, these things start high amount of headaches, high amount of estrogen. Everything that we consider someone the “B” word, to make a long story short, is because of high amount of estrogen, low progesterone. So even though it is less estrogen than we started with, it is much more.

Now, we’ll think back to people that are really irritating you and you’ll say, you know what, she does have high estrogen signs compared to her progesterone. She talks to everybody about how she doesn’t sleep, she talks about how irritable she is, how things just set her off and things like that. High estrogen, low progesterone.

When you first started your period, the body sent a message from the brain called follicle stimulating hormone to the ovary and said I need a volunteer and 16,000 volunteers died that day in the very beginning. You have 400,000 follicles. 16,000 died that very first day. Subsequently less each month. But I ask you this question. I need a volunteer. Come on somebody, anybody. She volunteers, she volunteers we get them both out of the room. Ask for another volunteer. I guarantee you when I said the word volunteer somebody looked down and said please don’t pick me. Usually the guys in the back by the way.

But now think of the ovary. Every month it asks for volunteers and they’re taken out. Then it asks for more volunteers and takes them out. Eventually who’s left, the guy that was in the back that when I first said volunteer looked down and said I don’t want to be one. How well is that volunteer going to make estrogen? How well is that volunteer going to make progesterone? Not very well. So how much of these hormones will it make. Not very much. What happens to your breasts? They start to sag. What happens to your skin? It starts to sag. Do you see a trend of what’s happening here?

Think about 20, 30, 40 years passing of menstruating. What’s going to happen to your body? Who’s left to make the estrogen? Not too many enthusiastic ones. Then what happens? Guess what? The body’s smart. The body’s real smart. The body says we need estrogen and we don’t have it. Is there any other organ out there that can help us?

I got it! The fat cells. The fat cells can make estrogen. Well too bad it only makes the bad estrogen, but I need estrogen so we’re going to have to take whatever we can get. So estrogen makes fat cells larger, which makes more estrogen, which makes fat cells larger, and there’s your answer to why when you were young you could eat anything you wanted and now you just look down the Twinkie aisle and hips start popping out. Estrogen enlarge fat cells.

Men lose 2% of testosterone per year beginning in their late 20s. This can affect not only sex drive, but also energy levels, metabolism, weight and a whole host of other issues.

Some guys that eat healthy, vegetables, good food, organic beef and things like that still have a hard time losing weight. Guys that are doing the right exercises all the time sometimes don’t lose much. Why is that? Hormones!

Even if you’re trying to eat the right food, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re going to get the right nutrition. Society and environment factors themselves seem to be against us. One hundred years ago, 100 grams of spinach had 100 milligrams of iron. Today, 100 grams of spinach has 1 milligram of iron.

So I almost advocate to everybody over the age of 35 to be on some type of multi-vitamin. Because the food doesn’t have it.

While men lose 2% of their testosterone per year, 1% is lost through testicular atrophy—as the testicles start to shrink they don’t produce as much testosterone. The other 1 % is stolen by their blood system.

There are receptors in your cells that may act like keys to unlock the testosterone from the protein and make it available to the body’s tissues.

We have what’s called a steroid hormone binding globulin. This globulin actually pulls out the testosterone and once it gets its hands on it, it doesn’t allow it to go into any of the locks.

Therefore fewer locks are being interacted with and the body is

not being rebuilt in a younger fashion as it should be. So we start sliding down hill. Do the math. 25 lose 2% a year—a man at 50 is half the man he used to be at 25.

If we don’t do the right things and we abuse our systems by eating fast food and by eating the wrong things and not taking the right vitamins, we are defeating ourselves.

Daily Testosterone Production

Testosterone, like many other recurring patterns in nature, tends to follow a biorhythmic cycle. As an example let’s use a young male with no testosterone problems. At 11:00 at night he has starts to go through the high levels of testosterone and it peaks in the middle of the night as illustration use the number 10 as this peak. At 4:00 a.m. it starts to come down. Subsequently, when he’s younger he’ll wake up with an erection. That’s because of the high amount of testosterone being made at night.

As he gets older, he starts losing that. Normally he gets another surge around 10:30 and he starts having another rise say up to a 7. It will give him an energy boost, gives him an urge to get going. Around 2:30—he’s at the lowest. So a young man, this is the normal level, this is what happens throughout the day. No problem. Let’s see what happens to a person as they get older.

As they get older, the same rhythm happens except his night peak is at a 2. Where’s 2:30—down here at a zero. Look around the fire station, look around the nursing homes. Go there around 2:30. You’re going to see two thing happening. Somebody with low testosterone will be sleeping; which is what happens in the nursing homes. You’ll see all the old guys everybody is passed out around 2:30—its siesta time. Or they’re heading for the coffee, chocolate bar, something to boost them up. Because their energy level is way down—they need the false energy sugar, something to give them a little boost to finish up the day.

Men benefit from restoring hormones to normal when they have:

Decreased sexual drive or activity

  • Difficulty in achieving or sustaining an erection
  • Weight gain or difficulty losing weight
  • Decreased strength or muscle size
  • Persistent fatigue
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Mood fluctuations

So many guys come up to me and say I watch my weight. I went from 150 pounds when I was 25 to 150 pounds now that I’m 50. Except that the weight got redistributed. I used to be big in the chest and now I’m big in the abdomen. I don’t know how it happened. Testosterone and Estrogen.

See guys say drinking beer gives you a beer belly. It’s not a beer belly guys. The beer has alcohol. Alcohol converts your testosterone to estrogen. Estrogen then increase fat deposition. If I were to stop taking my hormones, my gut comes out. Even if I don’t drink alcohol. I start taking hormones again, my gut shrinks. This is what’s happening to us. You see a guy with a huge, distended gut and say well I drink a lot of beer. Well, it’s not the beer. If s the beer that’s causing your testosterone to become estrogen.

Well how about high estrogen, no progesterone. What do we have there? Psycho . . . a real psycho case. Anybody ever see a mean drunk? A mean guy who has a lot of testosterone in him. Big, burly type guy. He gets piss ant drunk and all of a sudden what happens to him? He’s meaner than spit. Why? High amount of estrogen in his body, no progesterone. You slap progesterone on that puppy, he’s coming right down.

Dr. Lee argues that you should have it in domestic cases. As soon as there is a domestic dispute, slap everyone with progesterone . . . doesn’t matter who it is, calm them both right down. That’s what will happen. Progesterone is the feel good hormone.

Guys, decrease muscle size, persistent fatigue, difficulty concentrating. This is the big one. Men have difficulty concentrating as they get older. Mood fluctuations. Varying things going on all the time. Alzheimer correlates with certain hormone levels.

Testosterone as a Cancer diagnostic: We recently had a patient that was put on the hormone combination high in testosterone. After a few days he started to get pain and discomfort in his groin area. He went to the doctor that told him get off the testosterone. They did tests and found out he had prostate cancer. His doctor said that had he not been on the testosterone they may have never caught the cancer until it was too late. The use of the testosterone allowed to grow from the size of a pea to the size of 2 peas quickly and this caused pain. Had he not used it, the cancer may have silently grown to the size of a grapefruit without any signs over time.

I recently talked to a patient that had been taking injections for testosterone and complained that his level had never increased over 236 in the blood. So he was always tired and felt terrible. So I told him about the PLO Gel we make and he got his physician’s approval. We started him on the gel. In a short time, his level was 1100 and we had to back him off a little and he felt great. His PSA also went up. His doctor said he wanted to take him off. He asked the doctor is there any way that he could stay on it. The doctor said I’m scared that you might have cancer and I could not let you stay on it unless we had a biopsy of the prostrate. He said do it, I don’t want to get off this stuff.

What happens to the quality of our life as we age? We start with a certain quality of life that changes through the years.

When we’re younger we maintain a decent quality. Then all of a sudden in our 30s and 40s we start to drop down. This quality can be maintained a little further out depending on if you do more exercise or if you do less exercise, if you’re taking the right vitamins, or eating correctly, or drinking alcohol, or drinking coffee, all of these things have a factor.

They can push this line this way or that way. Do the right things, you can push it up this way. Do the bad things, you’re pushing it down this way. That’s all that is. But what is happening is the average person will start to slope down and at a certain point they just bounce along the bottom and they die. If you see the older people, they are always complaining I have this hurting me, that hurting me, I’m not happy.

Why doesn’t the Lord take me and it’ll make it easier on me? If you ever heard that, you probably will. This is what people do. I’m fighting that. I’m saying this is not the way it should be. Take a look at a fruit fly. A fruit fly has a great quality of life. It only lives 28 days but it will go full quality of life for 28 days and then it’ll die. What we’re about is not that we found the fountain of youth.

What we think we did is found the fountain of health. When we look at patients now, instead of looking at them as a fibromyalgia patient, or a systemic lupus erythematous patient, we look at them as a patient that may have a hormone imbalance first. Most of us have had a car or truck. We’re saying you’ve got a Ford car, let’s put Ford parts in it. That’s what the engineers developed them for.

You wouldn’t think about going to a Chevy dealer and putting a Chevy part into a Ford truck. You wouldn’t think about putting the wrong part into the car because you know that eventually it will wear something else out and have more damage. So when we test for and find a hormonal deficiency doesn’t just make sense to replace those lost hormones with their bioidentical equivalent instead of a synthetic substitute?