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What is a Compounding Pharmacist ?

      One of the most important aspects of medical care is for a patient to have a strong, personal, confident, and valued relationship with their doctor and their pharmacist. Also as important is for the doctor and the pharmacist to have the expertise, experience, compassion and knowledge to care for that patient. Compounding pharmacists have specialized skills beyond the standard retail pharmacy setting. In addition to the grueling standard educational program to become a pharmacist, compounding pharmacists have been trained extensively in disease states, mathematics, chemical stability, drug interactions, dosing regimens, toxicology, physiology, medicinal chemistry and much more. At Clark’s Pharmacy bioidentical hormones are our primary focus and we have taken the time and effort to truly become experts in the field. More importantly we are compassionate and understanding of the plight patients face due to hormone deficiencies. It is our goal to remain an intricate part of our patients care by positioning ourselves between the patient and the doctor as a reliable source of information and advice to both when needed. We firmly believe that only through educating patients and physicians about the benefits of BHRT will we be able to change the lives of many patients suffering unknowingly and unnecessarily from hormone deficiencies.


      If you are physician looking for a reliable source of information and quality formulations you will surely not be disappointed by our pharmacy. We source our chemicals only from American wholesalers and each ingredient comes with a certificate of analysis validating its efficacy and consistency. Our formulations are tested routinely by an independent laboratory for quality, potency and stability.


    Also if you are a physician looking to start a BHRT practice please take advantage of our free services. We have walked many physicians through the world of BHRT from beginning to end advising him/her on each and every patient until they felt comfortable enough to prescribe and care for patients on their own. Many of the most successful practices in Scottsdale Arizona started with us exactly this way. It would be our pleasure to help start your practice today.

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