Compounding Pharmacy

What is a compounding pharmacy? 


Unless you have had a doctor prescribe medication specifically tailored to your unique medical symptoms, you may not have heard of a compounding pharmacy.

What Does Clarks Pharmacy Do?

  • We serve as the link between the patient and doctor

  • Custom make cream or capsule hormone supplements

  • Work with both patient and doctor to cure symptoms

At Clarks Pharmacy we are masters in the compounding of customized medicines.

We act as an intermediary between patient and the doctor. The doctor checks test results and writes a prescription. Our compounding pharmacist reviews that prescription and custom makes the hormone supplements tailored to each patient’s specific needs. Patients are then rechecked and adjustments are made to help get your hormones corrected and maintain hormonal balance throughout your life.

This last component is a critical and often overlooked step in the proper treatment of symptoms using natural hormone replacement therapies. As a person’s body responds to hormone replacement therapies, adjustments periodically need to be made to maintain the perfect hormonal balance for each individual. It is how we ensure each individual that we help treat maintains a naturally balanced life. At Clarks Pharmacy our mission is to help patients feel better and enjoy an active, fulfilling life.

With a wealth of knowledge and decades of experience, our lead pharmacist Rudy Dragone is a pioneer and innovator in hormone treatment. Recognized by physicians and healthcare educators as an authority in hormonal corrective therapies, he has lectured about hormones throughout the nation bringing hope, help, healing and a naturally balanced life to countless individuals around the globe.

Solutions start with a visit to a doctor who knows and values the positive results that natural hormone replacement therapy can bring for those who suffer from a wide range of symptoms. If your doctor has questions about hormone replacement therapy have them call Rudy directly on your behalf.

A doctor will order a simple lab test to check for hormone deficiencies. Once we receive the results along with other clinical information, we formulate and recommend an individualized treatment plan and present it to both the physician and patient.

Clarks Pharmacy provides the following services for FREE:

  • Treatment Suggestions

  • Therapy recommendations

  • Patient consultation

  • Medication education

  • Follow up consultation


We only charge for the actual prescriptions that are filled consultations are always free.

At Clarks we are truly on a mission to educate and provide help through naturally balanced hormone replacement therapy.