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Rudy Dragone Compounding Pharmacy Pharma

About the Clark's Pharmacy

Hope, help and healing through education and the proper use of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is more than an occupation for compounding pharmacist and hormone expert Rudy Dragone, it is his passion, mission and a spiritual journey.

At a very early age, Rudy had a burning desire to help people. At the age of 17 he enrolled in pharmacy school and by the time he was 21 he became the youngest pharmacist in New York City.

He quickly developed a reputation as a visionary in the pharmacy business and before long owned 10 pharmacies around the Big Apple.

Seeking a better quality of life for his family, Rudy sold the New York pharmacies and headed for Arizona. Once there he purchased Clarks Pharmacy in Carefree Arizona and set out to help enhance the lives of thousands using his expertise in compounding medicine and hormone replacement therapies.

Rudy had worked for years with Dr. William R. Lee, an internationally acknowledged pioneer in the study and use of hormone replacement therapy for women.Together, they were instrumental in the educating thousands of healthcare professionals about the role of hormones and the use of Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy, (BHRT) in healthcare. The fire department in Phoenix Arizona was so impressed; they approved the use and coverage of BHRT in the healthcare of their employees.

After seen the positive impact BHRT has had on the health and quality of life for millions of people, Rudy has made it his mission to spread the word about this remarkable treatment modality.

Please feel free to contact Rudy directly if you are a patient interested in how hormone replacement therapy help you or if you are a doctor, give him a call with even your most difficult cases. He has helped countless healthcare practitioners around the globe solve vexing problems to complicated medical issues.

Llame hoy mismo al 877-450-0040 Rudy o 480-488-2007

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