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What Does a Compounding Pharmacist Do?

A Compounding Pharmacist:

  • Serves as the link between the patient and doctor
  • Custom makes the cream or capsule hormone supplements
  • Works with both patient and doctor to cure symptoms

What do we do? We as compounding pharmacists, we act as an intermediate between patient and the doctor. The doctor will see your results; the doctor will give you a prescription we review it and custom make the hormone supplements tailored to your specific needs. We have you rechecked and make adjustments to help get your hormones corrected and maintain hormonal balance throughout your life.

The more you keep telling us what you’re feeling the better we know how to treat you. The big word is, COMPLAIN. You must complain. It’s the only way we can get to feel your best. The biggest enemy to feeling great is feeling good. If you feel good you won’t strive to feel great. If you keep complaining to us we’ll keep helping you and tweaking it, and tweaking it, and tweaking it until you get the product you’re happy with.

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